2018 Board of Director Election




TO WHOM IT MAY CONCERN, and, particularly, to the electors of the Fraser Valley Metropolitan Recreation District of Grand County, Colorado:

NOTICE IS HEREBY GIVEN that an election will be held on the 8th day of May, 2018, between the hours of 7:00 a.m. and 7:00 p.m.  The Board of Directors of the District have designated the following polling place: Grand Park Community Recreation Center, 1 Main Street, Fraser, CO 80442.

At said election, the electors of the District shall vote for three Directors to serve four-year terms of office on the Board of Directors of the District:

The names of persons nominated as Director are:                                                   

David McKnight                                 

Al White                                              

David M. Corbin                                 

Lisa Steckler                                      

Kelley Glancey                                  

NOTICE IS FURTHER GIVEN that an eligible elector of said district for the purpose of said election is a person registered to vote pursuant to the "Colorado Uniform Election Code of 1992;" and who is a resident of the District, or who, or whose spouse or civil union partner, owns taxable real or personal property within the District, whether said person resides within the District or not, or a person who is obligated to pay taxes under a contract to purchase taxable property within the District shall be considered an owner of taxable property for the purpose of qualifying as an eligible elector.

To obtain an Application for an Absentee Ballot, please click HERE or email ann@fraservalleyrec.org.

For additional information, please contact the District Designated Election Official (DEO): Ann McConnell, Grand Park Community Recreation Center, 1 Main Street, Fraser, CO 80442 (970) 726-8968. 


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