Climbing Wall

We feature a 33 foot climbing wall located right in our comfortable lobby/living area.

You must be belay certified, 14 years of age, and sign a release waiver. You can become belay certified through our staff during scheduled program hours.

Bouldering is allowed anytime except during scheduled programs. Please do not boulder above your own height.

Current Climbing Wall Hours*   staffed for belays & certifications

Fri               5:30-7:30 pm
Sat              4:00-6:00 pm

If these hours don't work for you, please email times that work for you, and we will try to find an instructor. :)

New: You can now get certified for auto-belay only! With the auto-belay certification you can use the climbing wall by yourself at any time. 

Belay classes are currently being offered at 6:30pm on Mondays also. 

Look for more hours during Holiday Breaks

 * Can be subject to change so please check website prior to visit.

Click here to view climbing wall video!

Open climbing is allowed during recreation center hours except during scheduled programs or private rentals. You must be belay certified and sign a release waiver. You can obtain belay certification through our staff during scheduled program hours (click on the link above for current schedule and fees).

Certifications are a pass/fail test. Climbers that wish to use the belays without supervision must pass the belay test.  Climbers who pass the test may use the wall during recreation center hours as long as no other programs are scheduled. If you fail the test, you must enroll in a belay class to become certified Iclick on the link above for current schedule and fees).

Bouldering is allowed anytime except during scheduled programs. Please do not boulder above your own height. Children must have a waiver signed by a guardian 18 years or older. Please see the front desk for waivers.

Although we have some gear that can be loaned out, it is limited. If you have your own gear it is best to bring it.

Climbing Skills Assesment - for the experienced climber

Climbing wall brief orientation, skills check and belay certification at the Grand Park Community Recreation Center.  Certifications are a pass/fail test.  If you are an experienced climber who wants to use/the climbing wall at your leisure, come on in and get certified.  Climber must have a basic knowledge of climbing knots, be able to correctly set up a belay, and demonstrate other basic climbing skills.  After passing the test you will receive your belay certification and my use the wall when the recreation center is open and no climbing programs are scheduled. Cost: $10 includes future use of all equipment.

Climbing Skills Clinic - for the new climber

This class is designed to learn how to safely use the climbing wall with proper belay techniques, use of belay device for rope feed and stop techniques for a controlled belay.  You will learn how to correctly fit a harness, to tie with a proper figure 8 follow through knot and basic climbing commands.  You may then become fied and us the auto belay certified on the wall whenever the Recreation Center is open and no climbing programs are scheduled.Cost: $25 includes certification and all future use of equipment.

Belay Rides - instructor belays

Enjoy the wall and discover the fun of climbing while being belayed by a certified instructor.  Cost: $5 for 3 belays or 30 minutes on the climbing wall.

* We will offer climbing wall hours Thursday - Sunday, times vary and current times are posted at the GPCRC front desk (970)726-8968 x.0 or on our website  If the scheduled times do not work for you, please contact the front desk to schedule an appointment with our climbing wall staff.

Please call (970) 726-8968 x.0 to request a Climbing Wall time
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