All Levels welcome! Emphasis will be mastering your skills, skate park safety and etiquette, and riding within your ability. Beginning skaters will learn proper foot placement, pushing, riding, tack turn and kick turn techniques. Advanced skaters will be able to learn and practice Front & Back Side Kick Turns, Front and Back Side Carves, Drop-ins, Fly Outs and Ollies. Skaters will also learn basic skateboard parts and maintenance. Required equipment includes skateboards, elbow and wrist guards, knee pads and helmet (bike helmets are NOT acceptable). Please send your child with water and snack.
Location:   Hideaway Skate Park
Instructor: Kevin Lamers & Carlie Bugos             MIN/MAX: 5/10

Activity #    Age    Day    Date             Time                         Fee(ID/OD)
328532-1A    5+    Sa    07/11-08/01    09:00A- 10:00A        $40/$50
328532-2A    5+    Sa    08/08-08/29    09:00A- 10:00A        $40/$50  

SkateStart Level 1

With over 25 years of skateboard experience and a background that includes having such campers like Ryan Sheckler and Riley Hawk, you can be assured to get the best instruction in a safe environment with Skatestart. Returning to Winter Park for its 2nd summer sessions, we’ll learn everything from the basics to dropping in on the big bowl. Some other activities include skateboard assembly, building an obstacle, proper pad usage, sharks and skaters, sticker challenges, treasure hunts, and games of s.k.a.t.e. and many more surprises! * I If kids want to take home the patented Skateboard a 2 week notice is required and the completes are $110 (normally $125 through please contact Patrick at for more tricks and more fun!
Location:   Hideaway Skate Park
Instructor: Patrick O’Toole                     MIN/MAX: 4/10

Activity #       Age    Day    Date        Time                        Fee(ID/OD)
328532 - Sa    4-12    Sa    06/13        9:00A - 12:00P        $70/$75*
328532 - Sb    4-12    Sa    06/20        9:00A - 12:00P        $70/$75*



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