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"During this season of giving thanks I just want to thank you for teaching the swim aerobic classes. Last summer, a friend invited me to try it, and, even though I had a million excuses not to come to class, I did---just to be polite. ( I figured I'd beg off after a couple of session). BUT, I felt more flexible and could see the benefit of swim aerobics, and was so inspored by what you teach that I now try to make it a priority.  When I go for a walk, I picture your posture, reminders at certian trees to check on how I'm standing...the benefit of your teaching goes far beyond the class.

As you know, health is a precious gift and I've seen imporvements in strength, flexibility , and balance.  May hip, should, and knee feel much better.  Woo-hoo! Your enthusiasm and energy are such an inspiration and gift!

Happy Thanksgiving - D "

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