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Please click here to review our member handbook which provides detailed information on member benefits and policies.  Membership Handbook.

The following are some frequently asked questions about initiating a membership.

Definition of a Household

Multiple recreation center membership options are available (see rate structure). The definition of household includes 2 adults living as domestic partners and all dependent children age 18 or students 23 years of age of younger, living in the household. Further, full-time students residing in the household can be on the household membership (proof of full-time college enrollment is required). Childcare providers and other family members, even if residing in the home, are NOT considered household members.

Daily Admissions and Punchcards

Daily admissions are not considered memberships. Daily admission fees are active from the time of purchase until the close of the facility that evening. Please see the front desk for a re-entry stamp if you desire to return to the facility the same day.

Entry punch cards are not considered memberships but do require that you provide household information and proof of residency at time of purchase. District and County punch cards can be transferred between two household members; however, each member and their photograph will need to be on file in our system. If household members fall into different age/price categories, the higher rate will be charged. If purchasing punch cards for visitors, they will be charged the non-resident rate. Non-resident punch cards are fully transferrable and do not require a photo or i.d.

Effective 12.15.2010 punch cards and fitness punch cards do not expire, and fitness punch cards are available for purchase by members AND non-members. All patrons will need to pay entry into the facility prior to attending fitness classes.

Proof and Definition of Residency

The Fraser Valley Metropolitan Recreation District is supported by tax payers specifically within this special district, and therefore we feel it is fair and imperative that those taxpayers receive the appropriate discount.

Proof of residency is required at time of enrollment. Residency is defined as owning property or living within the district (bottom of Berthoud Pass to Red Dirt Hill: Homestead Hills and Val Moritz) for a minimum of three months (for district resident rates) or county (for county resident rates. The following will be accepted as proof of residency:

  •  Homeowner's names can be looked up on County Assessor website by our front desk agents (name must appear on the deed).
  •  Tax bills, utility bills, signed leases (name and physical address must appear on document).
  •  In the case of a seasonal rental with no lease, a signed letter from the homeowner/landlord with a contact phone number may be accepted and needs to be approved by management. This letter must state that you are leasing for at least three months as a full-time resident.
  • In the case of group ownership where multiple people own a home, owned by an LLC or in a trust, but only one or some are shown on the tax bill, a copy of the tax bill with a letter signed by all the homeowners with contact phone numbers for each may be accepted and needs to be approved my management.
  • Paystub showing a deduction for employee housing (within the district).
  •  Living at home with parents, but not a dependent: may get the district rate, but may not be part of parents household and must purchase an individual adult membership.
  •  A household needs to be set up within our computer system, even for daily rates. A household consists of 2 adults in a domestic partnership and their dependents (still claimed on parents taxes).

The following are NOT considered residents:

                    1. Paying a friend or relative to use their property
                    2. Visiting a family or friend within the district

                    3. Timeshares - weekly or monthly
                    4. Parents/Grandparents own the property but you are no longer a dependent


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